DØT TECHNOLOGIE has developped various specific point of sales, linked to a ticketing application. These inovative systems concern the industrial automation, transportation ticketing or any ticketing system in entertainment and industry. How to print a label, a ticket or a badge or any short document securely ?. We are using the latest electronic inovations as well as wireless communication capability. Our printers are flexible ; all models are available in kiosk versions as well as vertical counter. They are able to absorb high volume of prints with a high quality standard.
If you do not find the printer you need feel free to ask DØT TECHNOLOGIE to make it just for you !!

For many years DØT TECHNOLOGIE has supplied printers to equip air traffic control centers throughout the world. Most of the agencies have chosen our printers because they are flexible, reliable and silent. Today we continue to replace old existing printers with a specific model and different firmwares compatible with the different flight management softwares.


flight strips printers