• Our customers will benefit from our unique position as both printers and tickets manufacturer. Quality of tickets is crucial to the performance of printers. Not only the thermal paper but inks are essential to increase the print quality. Graphic files are also critical to obtain the best result as possible. You will find below all details necessary to prepare graphics in order to obtain the best print results.
  • Today we are able to provide a truly representative proof using the same paper and inks as you real ticket.
  • The proofing system is difficult to adjust accurately as colors may change from one computer to another. That is why we are referring to a color chart PANTONE available to anyone. This reference is very useful to describe the real colour you wish to obtain on your ticket. When choosing a photo to be printed in 4 color process we recommend to be very careful about the quality of the photo.

  • We have selected a range of various quality papers for different uses : cinema, live entertainment, museum, identification badge, etc .... All thermal papers are high grade in order to increase printhead life expectancy.

  • DØT TECHNOLOGIE offers a choice of several security features to protect the authenticity of tickets :
  • NUMBERING SEQUENCE might be printed at the rear of the ticket
  • COIN RUB INK : is used to let an image to appear when rubbed with a coin.
  • BLACK LIGHT INK : is not human readable but with a UV light source.
  • FOILS & HOLOGRAMS : a polyester film is applied wherever on the ticket in a specified shape.

  • ISO size is generally used with LEMUR MAGNETIC model : 2.116 x 3.375 in.

All documents must be created with XPRESS or INDESIGN. You have to enclose drawings and photos as well as fonts. It is highly not recommended to use commpressed fonts under 4 points. When using inverted text fonts must be 6 points or greater to avoid fill in, bold type and non seriffed. For a better result you can outline the font. Images will be 300 dpi in TIFF or EPS format.


Printing presses offer 9 colors with in-line numbering system. We also offer the choice of holograms, foils and magnetic stripes ; in order to determine the exact number of colours you have to add colours on both faces of your ticket een similar colours. Solid colours are referenced to PANTONE chart. Printing text over a process image will be 6 points or greater. Line art screens must not be less than 8%.


Images must be at a minimum size 1:1 in 300 dpi minimum. You must avoid to enlarge existing image ! Images must be in TIFF or EPS format. layers must not be locked or flattened.


Documents created with ILLUSTRATOR or FREEHAND, will be .ai or .eps(ILLUSTRATOR) format. It is highly recommended to join the fonts used in the document or being converted into vector lines. But text in vector line cannot be changed ! Line thickness must be .50 points at the minimum.


Documents will be sent electronically preferably in .zip or .sit compressed files.


  • Documents will be sent electronically preferably in .zip or .sit compresse.d files

E-mail: info@dottech.com