DØT TECHNOLOGIE is not only supplying products but we assume all services linked to ticketing business. We can almost respond to any of your request as long as it is in the matter of printing tickets, renting equipments, managing ticket stock, technical assistance and much more .....

  • Renting equipmentsDØT TECHNOLOGIE rents printers for short and long terms. Every models are available. All printers are carefully revised before leaving to the field. We always have printers available whenever you want it !
  • Ticketing on demandIn some cases yous should need tickets within a few hours ! DØT TECHNOLOGIE prints tickets with your logo within 48 hours or less if necessary. We keep in permanent stock several types of generic tickets and wristbands.
  • " La Billetterie facile" DT775 is a new concept of a ticketing point of sale. This ALL IN ONE system does not require computer, keyboard or mouse ; just plug it to the wall and you are ready to sell tickets. You can install instantly your ticketing system wherever you want.

Maintenance of printers is essential! We service BOCA printers for 20 years! Most of the time just a few hours are necessary before we sent back your printer fully repaired and revised. In any case you can join a technician asking any detail about repair or assistance. We maintain in permanent stock all parts needed to repair printers without delay. Prior to repair your printer you will receive an estimate to be approved. You can also benefit an annual contract whatever the number of printers you have. At DØT TECHNOLOGIE, you can trace your printer and you can contact the technician in charge of your printer ; you are free to call him at any worktime.

Urgency ! Unexpected scheme ! or just temporary event like a festival or even unepexceted number of attendees ...

DØT TECHNOLOGIE is offering the possibility to rent equipments similar or compatible with the printers you are using. All printers are carefully revised prior to leave our premises ; you will benefit the same assistance than it should be purchased. Rental printers are delivered on time at the exact date according to your instructions !


Once again, in order to respond urgently to your needs or if you just need a few tickets ...

DØT TECHNOLOGIE maintains generic tickets in a permanent stock. We can customize these tickets with your logo or text. A few hours later you receive all your tickets whatever the quantity you order !


With our generic tickets stock ...

we are able to customize your own ticket with your logo or a facial text. For just one evening or several days DØT TECHNOLOGIE proposes a complete ticketing system :" La Billetterie Facile".


Well adopted by producers !

System DT775 "La Billetterie Facile" is a remote ticketing point of sales. You can install a new point of sale anywhere in a minimum of time. Very simple to use, no need to educate a cashier, no help needed to install the system : just plug it to the wall and it works. No need a computer, a keyboard or mouse or whatever !! This ALL IN ONE system is ready to work with no technical background.



We have determined 2 sizes of generic tickets. One is for general entertainment and the other one for museums and other entrance tickets. We maintain both in a permanent stock with several background colors. These generic tickets can be customized with customer's logo on the thermal face. We added a few security features inside the ticket in order to prevent fraud or counterfeiting. With 3 different stubs you can control any other additional services to entrance fee : welcome gratuity, parking fee etc ...

  • Festivals
  • Non assigned seats venue
  • Sports events
  • Concerts
  • Theme parks
  • Theatres
  • Discotheques
  • Ticketing of public trade shows
  • Swimming pools etc ...