Since 1989, DØT TECHNOLOGIE and BOCA SYSTEMS agree to work closely together in order to offer printers and tickets in the European market. Since that time, BOCA printers are considered as the most reliable printers in the ticketing industry. DØT TECHNOLOGIE is selling and servicing BOCA printers throughout the whole Europe and abroad. Based on BOCA print technology, DØT TECHNOLOGIE has developed new innovative systems responding to specific ticketing applications : automatic ticket dispenser, mobile point of sales etc ...
We believe that paper quality is critical when printing tickets. For this reason DØT TECHNOLOGIE offers a wide range of specific papers for every situations. Our tickets are specifically designed for our printers and valued customers will benefit from the guarantee of a perfect reliability of their ticketing system.

Nowadays ticketing market is drastically changing, new selling methods are fueled demand for small and reliable industrial printers. DØT TECHNOLOGIE pursue exclusive developments in matter of automatic systems accessible to any organisation.


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