Barcoding, Magnetic, RFID

We have the model of printer with the suitable encoding system you need !


All usual barcodes can be printed in both directions anywhere on the ticket. 2D barcodes are available :DATAMATRIX© and SOFTSTRIP©. Today 2D barcodes are frequently used for identification in the ticketing industry. 2D barcode is very popular and can be read even with a mobile phone with a ccd camera allowing to access any website for additional informations.

Magnetic encoding

This encoding method is still used by some customers for access control or money purse. That is why we propose a magnetic printer model alllowing to encode in low co. or high co. optionally ISO format tickets.
Now the magnetic printer exists in kiosk version.


RFID encoding
Radio frequency encoding is more and more popular in the ticketing industry. The cost of e-tickets is higher than a plain thermal ticket but you can read and write simultaneously on a ticket. Moreover encoders and readers are static and do not require the same maintenance than motorized readers. Also called NFC (near field communication) will probably be the next key inovation in ticketing.
Kiosk printers are ready to be placed in any ATM !

With reduced footprints our ruggedized printers have been carefully designed to work in kiosk environment. All printers have a minimum of moving parts increasing reliability with no high level of maintenance. The ATM 24 has been designed to operate of 24 volts.
Even Dual and Magnetic models are now available in kiosk version. All models operating in kiosk environment must have a cutter option.

Dual feed printers are actually an exclusivity !

Allowing to print 2 different tickets without manipulating paper stock has been greatly appreciated by hundreds of users. Selecting paper path is done by introducing a special print command. One dual feed printer is cost effective and much less expensive than 2 different printers ! The dual feed LEMUR also exists in a kiosk version.

Wristbands are more and more popular !

Linked to entrance ticket, wristband increase security for access control. It is also used to identify visitors of a theme park or swimming pool. Thermal paper is water resistant and tear resistant with vinyl or tyvek. Wristbands can be printed and personalized with thermal printer. They are safety locked with snap or adhesive. Several sizes and colours are available in our generic stock.